Streetwise HR, are a bunch of approachable, straight talking, no nonsense HR specialists, Lead by HR expert Debra Cohen.

We talk plainly, think both strategically & commercially and then act shrewdly with one end in mind; our client’s business survival. Streetwise HR have the skills, knowledge and the right attitude necessary to help clients survive the challenging mean streets of business.

We work with a diverse range of entrepreneurs at boardroom level, to devise innovative and bespoke HR development programmes; as well as help plan, support and bring to life a clear vision of success through the people our clients employ.

Our clients seek smart, succinct and impactful answers to various HR challenges, we address the specific needs of their business and then deliver tailored solutions.
From Board Level support, employment law and policies, to contracts and job descriptions; building the right foundations are essential for future proofing, ensuring time efficiency and avoiding tribunals!

We also work as an extension to the team to align, ignite and engage employees through a thriving culture. We deliver in abundance, providing value for money and ultimately bottom line results for our client’s business. Once you get Streetwise, you wonder how you ever manged without us.